HD Crystal offers unparalleled standards in smart, intelligent, and integrated security products

HD Crystal provides the latest cutting-edge technology in security products and has been in the industry for over 10 years. HD Crystal offers all types of security products, such as closed circuit cameras, biometrics, entrance security products and access control systems

What we’ve learned this far

HD Crystal has been working to provide innovative and ground-breaking products for years, with the DVR & HD TV Line camera line being launched from 2012. The Switcher & Quad Streaming Security video surveillance system was also released in this time period, which made up HD Crystal’s total Surveillance and Security line.

HD Crystal’s DVRs had a glowing debut and people loved them. These DPRs are the latest in technology and have met with much success from a range of audiences.

HD Crystal has attained great importance to the development of camera products. They can aid you in finding the product that suits your needs the most.

We have supported hundreds of clients in several different industries to ensure they are safe. For example, we serve Indian Army and CRPF, so that they can do their jobs safely and efficiently.

HD Crystal has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, BIS – Indian Standard Certification, and some international certifications such as ROHS, CE, and FCC. They are widely used in many fields like Banking, Public Security, Energy Resources, Intelligent-Building, and Intelligent-Transportation.

Recently, we have upgraded security by releasing a new line of Full-Color Audio In-Built  CCTV Cameras. They come with outstanding features and specifications and the Wi-Fi cameras are easy to install.

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