About Us

Mr. Dhiraj Chourasiya Chairman & Founder , The journey of securing lives began in 2010 for HD Crystal. With 9 years of expertise and experience, the name HD Crystal is now synonymous to the category of Electronic Security in India. HD Crystal has currently having its headquarter in Nagpur, Maharashtra, securing over a million happy customers.

After years of experience and investment in state-of-the-art technology, they have developed a range of premier products designed with the precision of quality and reliability.

We have risen from the level of a project-based security company towards mastering the art of securing your dear ones. Being leaders in the field of electronic security systems, we offer a unique range of products and services to keep your home & business alive and kicking at all times. Our research labs are intensively engaged in finding the best of technological solutions for ensuring a safer environment at your work or home. Our customer driven agendas and agility makes us one of the most reliable and efficient safety reinforces.

Our Vision

As a company, we are committed to promoting fair practices, both with employees and business partners. With our products, we aim to make life easier and safer for everyone.

Our Mission 

HD Crystal strives to deliver safety to their customers through innovative products and one-stop solutions that constantly develop and deliver new technologies. In order to fulfill our commitment to our channel partners, we provide profitable growth opportunities and provide steady growth for our shareholders.

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Meet Our Creative Team

Shivendra Bisen

I own a business in Nagpur and keeping an eye on it is quite a task for me. I got HD Crystal to install a simple 4 camera CCTV system. Since the installation, no cash has gone missing, my staff feel safer and I can keep an eye on my business whenever I like, HD Crystal did the installation in one day, even when the office was open. Thank you so much for helping me. Highly recommended!! Thank you Dhiraj!!. We love your CCTV system its neat, covers the entire office, front door, till and stock room with just 4 cameras.

Abdul Kareem

I would recommend HD Crystal to anyone who is thinking of having CCTV installed. The service I received was very quick, efficient and informative.

Sudhir Chawale

Having used another CCTV company to install the initial two camera system that I was not that impressed with I was recommended to HD Crystal for the next stage. Having a previous bad experience of CCTV companies I was expecting more of the same poor service and workmanship, however nothing could be further from the truth, HD crystal and the team they sent have been outstanding. They sourced the very best cameras and were open and honest about the different options, no hard sell.What an amazing company to work with! I don’t hesitate any minute to recommend HD Crystal and I’m happy to be contact for any references!

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